Brendon completed his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB) and holds a BSc. in Biology from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC). He has experience in many settings including: private practice, acute care and outpatient orthopaedics. He has also worked with high level Midget AA and AAA ice hockey teams with both the Canadian Athletic Club and the Southside Athletic Club during his time in Edmonton. 

Brendon’s strengths are his passion for movement and his analytical approach for breaking down biomechanical imbalances and movement patterns. Working through his own injury years ago, Brendon learned that his best outcome resulted from taking charge of his own rehabilitation. As such, he hopes to equip his patients with the same outlook, returning his patients to function with a combination of manual therapy, modalities, acupuncture and movement with therapeutic exercise. Brendon is certified to provide Dry Needling/IMS (Kinetacore), acupuncture (CAFCI) and is a Graston Technique™ Provider.



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* In addition to the services listed below, we also handle ICBC and WorkSafeBC claims.



"I've been going to Atlas physio since 2013 and everyone is very professional and helpful at this clinic... Brendon who does Graston Technique and has an energetic and engaging personality. I always receive top notch care from all the physiotherapists and kinesiologists at Atlas!"


June 2017

"Thank you to Brendon Ip at Richmond Physiotherapy. I found Brendon to be very professional, kind and caring. If you are in need of a great physiotherapist, Brendon Ip is wonderful. I had broken my pelvis and Brendon saw me through and provided me with direction and advice for making a faster recovery. I highly recommend Brendon's services."


July 2016

"I have been seeing Brendon Ip. He is amazing. Each time you come in Brendon listens and really wants to get to the root cause of your pain. He is very knowledgeable about interpreting your symptoms and delivering a treatment option that delivers results. I have had several bouts of back spasms due to my sedentary desk job. Brendon is able to release the muscles and provide exercises to maintain proper back health. I highly recommend Brendon if you want your mobility back."


August 2017