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BIKE FITTING is an innovative assessment process where we apply our expertise in movement mechanics and understanding of road cycling to optimize your road bike and its components/accessories (cleats, pedals, etc.) in order to improve comfort and performance. 

How does BIKE FITTING work?

With the use of an indoor trainer as well as laser levels and angular measurements, our experienced physiotherapists will assess your current cycling ergonomics/posture and make the appropriate real-time adjustments to improve your form and function. Sessions are designated either SHORT FIT (approx. 45 minutes in length) for smaller adjustments or LONG FIT (approx. 100 minutes in length) for head-to-toe adjustments. 


What should I bring to a BIKE FITTING assessment?

Any and all components or parts you wish to have us take a look at. These include: bike, shoes, cleats, or any other new parts you may want to replace an old component with. 

What should I expect during and after a BIKE FITTING assessment?

During a BIKE FITTING assessment, be prepared to ride! Throughout the process of a bike fitting, you'll likely be on and off multiple times to "try out" the different adjustments we make during the session so please dress accordingly. It is important to keep in mind that getting used to the adjustments may take awhile. It is normal to feel a little tense or sore initially when adapting to the new set-up but that it is common to spend anywhere from 50-100 KM's before being able to adjust to things. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!


Prior to your BIKE FIT assessment, please fill out the following information.

Current Weekly Mileage
Previous Injuries (Musculoskeletal, Ligamentus, Tendon,etc.)
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