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What are Mobilizations and Manipulations?

Mobilizations and manipulations are techniques used to improve movement at the joints, range of motion and joint stiffness. 


Mobilizations are slow and controlled movements at the end of a joint range. 

There are different types of moblizations which include  gentle rhythmic ossications, sustained stretches, and specific joint movement. Mobilizations are often used before a manipulation. 


Chiropractic Manipulations (also known as adjustments) is a controlled quick movement of a joint at end range. The goal is to improve joint function, reduce pain and promote overall well being. Chiropractic manipulations on performed where there are restrictions to joint movement which can be related to pain and reduced function. 

Are Joint Mobilizations and Manipulations safe?


Chiropractic manipulations are generally safe for most people. During the assessment, our chiropractor will determine whether manipulations will be safe and effective depending on the condition and health status of the individual.


What should I expect after Mobilizations/Manipulations?

After chiropractic manipulation, the movement at the joint may improve and the muscles around can relax. Some people find instant relief and a good night's sleep, while others may notice that they are more tired or sore. Before any chiropractic adjustments are performed, the chiropractor will go over expectations in more detail and answer any questions related to manipulations.

Why Mobilizations and Manipulations? 

  • Pain relief 

  • Improved joint function 

  • Increased range of motion 

  • Enhanced circulation 

  • Reduced muscle tension 

  • Nervous system regulation 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

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