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Meet your Physio: Brendon Ip

Updated: Sep 27, 2017

Hello! I'm Brendon Ip and I'm a Registered Physiotherapist.

Originally from Sherwood Park, AB, I moved to Richmond, BC. at the age of 7. From a young age, I had been fascinated about the human body and how it changes over time. I questioned everything from why one person was stronger than another, to why people died (a little more grim - haha).

In highschool, I fell in love with Biology as it fostered my interest in understanding the human body and all of its systems, muscles and bones. Little did I know that spark of interest would later lead me into the field of physiotherapy.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of British Columbia emphasized the importance of critical thinking, clinical research and a scientific approach. It was also during this time when I experienced a serious shoulder injury. My passion for sports began at a young age with cross country running, which quickly developed into an equal passion for ice and roller hockey, brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and more recently, rock climbing. During my second year of university, I dislocated my shoulder in an ice hockey accident; it happened twice more before I finally made the decision to give this 'physiotherapy' thing a try.

Following a number of x-rays and MRIs, my doctor told me I would likely never play a contact sport again unless I underwent major surgery, leaving me feeling disheartened. Sports were not just a hobby but my passion and my outlet. What was I supposed to do without sports? I recall one particularly sad moment after my third dislocation when I sat in an emergency room sobbing at the thought that I may have played hockey for the last time.

At the time, physiotherapy was unknown to me. It was new and I didn't know what to expect. Thankfully, my experience changed my perception of injury, dysfunction and gave me hope that I might get back to the things I loved. Fighting through my own shoulder injury, I learned that the best outcome resulted from taking charge of my own rehabilitation and becoming an active leader through all stages of my recovery.

 My physiotherapist impressed on me the importance of taking ownership for my injury and rehabilitation because only then could I dictate where and how the healing and recovery process unfolded. By being an active participant, I got to decide what I wanted to do and my physiotherapist simply taught me how.

It was from this injury and experience where I draw my inspiration and I hope that I am able to impart the same mindset and approach to my patients. Using an analytic approach to breaking down imbalances, movement patterns and opposing forces in the body, I want to dig down to the root cause of dysfunction and help return my patients to function through manual therapy, IMS, Graston Technique (IASTW), acupuncture, movement and education through corrective and therapeutic exercise.

Brendon Ip

Registered Physiotherapist

IMS, CAFCI, STR, Graston Therapy

Ha-Ling Peak, Kananaskis, AB.

Made to move.

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