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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

So now you've decided to start running. Overwhelmed by the amount of selection and options for running shoes? Not sure if you want to wear the old dingy ones you have at the back of your closet? Understand the components that make up a running shoe and choose one that works for you!

In the 2nd episode of THE RUN LAB, the host, Brendon Ip, a Registered Physiotherapist based in Vancouver, British Columbia gives his thoughts on the landscape of running shoes, where to start looking and shopping and the infamous minimalist shoe debate. 

In this episode, we learn about the components that go into a running shoe and what makes each shoe ideal for each situation which is something every runner needs to know before they get themselves on the road. 

"Because once again, we come back to the notion of improvement. And that every single time I lace up my shoes to go run, I have the chance to better myself and beat a previous time. "

And just remember, we're made to move. Tune in next week for Episode 3!

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