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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

How do you get faster? Increase your endurance? Get into running in the first place? By understanding the running cycle and the mechanics behind what minimizes injury and maximizes your performance.

The VERY FIRST episode of THE RUN LAB has launched! The host, Brendon Ip, a Registered Physiotherapist based in Vancouver, British Columbia starts on the journey to create an informative and up-to-date segment breaking down the process and physiology behind running, the most common injuries and the novel ways to treat and correct the imbalances that cause them. 

In this episode, we find out that understanding the mechanics behind running is an absolute must for anyone that wants to improve their performance - including those who are brand new to the sport. We also learn that running regimens have to be designed in a way to allow progress and improvement. Brendon also shares his thoughts on how running has influenced his life and how the trait of "Grit" can help a runner excel. 

"And it has even taught me a lot about myself and digging deeper and the ability to set my sights on something and working towards it."

And just remember, we're made to move. Tune in next week for Episode 2!

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