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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Getting into running for the first time can be intimidating - but it doesn't have to be. Understand the hurdles that people often encounter when they try to build running into their routine and how you can set yourself up for success with 5 principles of training.

In the 3rd episode of THE RUN LAB, host Brendon Ip, a Registered Physiotherapist, Gait Analyst and an avid runner himself, dives into the mindset of a runner and how to start running. 

Along the way, Brendon shares some of the experiences he has had which contributed to his love of the sport and he highlights the 5 principles that help build a healthy and longterm approach to running, 1) Setting goals and defining purpose. 2) Making it EASY, 3) Enjoying the little moments, 4) Celebrating achievements and 5) Consistency. 

"Learn to live for the moments – not the events and activities of your life but for the breaks in between. Learn to love the process of pushing yourself, of hearing the rhythmic pace of your feet striking the asphalt or gasping for air as you race to make a pedestrian light. Learn to love solitude and the last rays of sun as it sets behind the trees or the smile your partner gives you as you both jog along at whatever speed your legs want to. Just learn to love being in the present."

And just remember, we're made to move. Tune in next week for Episode 4!

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