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Why is it so hard to stick to a gym routine or running schedule? Finding motivation can be one of the most challenging aspects in finding consistency. Learn about what running means to host Brendon Ip and a snippet of what his running journey has been like.

In the 5th episode of THE RUN LAB, the host Brendon Ip, a Registered Physiotherapist based in Vancouver, British Columbia details his journey in running including the time he stepped away from the sport completely. 

In this episode, we find out why it's so easy to start something but so difficult to stick with it. Brendon shares about how a busy schedule initially got in the way of his love of running, the negative consequences and how he bounced back and rededicated himself to the sport. We learn that the key to finding consistency is to recognize a deeper drive and motivation beyond the superficial reasons why we get started in the first place. 

"We all have our reasons for getting into running or for getting more exercise but I encourage you all to sit down and think about your choice of exercise – whether it’s running, going to the gym or taking a class. Think about what you get out of it. What it is that you love about it. You already know why you got into it, you just have to find out why you should stay. "

And just remember, we're made to move. Tune in next week for Episode 6!

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