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Trying to run more often but feeling soreness? Plagued by recurrent injuries that hold you back? Learn about the components of injury prevention and recovery that you're missing by learning about the most important things to do when training.

In the 4th episode of THE RUN LAB, host Brendon Ip, a Registered Physiotherapist based in Vancouver, British Columbia starts a dialogue and challenges the reasoning behind some common practices when in the midst of training for a race. 

In this episode, we find out that there are inherently different risks associated with each phase of running whether it is during training, during the run or in the preparation leading up to race day. We also learn of the commonly overlooked areas that could greatly improve any runner's pursuit of improvement. Brendon also shares a little bit about some of his experiences with injuries and how he found the solution to getting back to doing what he loves. 

"And it has even taught me a lot about myself and digging deeper and the ability to set my sights on something and working towards it."

"So learn from the mistakes of others and remember to always listen to your body and deviate from your plan if you need to. Afterall, improving as a runner is a marathon, not a race. "

And just remember, we're made to move. Tune in next week for Episode 5!

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