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So here we are. Since the initial news of the outbreak of 2 cases of COVID-19 a little south of us in Washington, 18-some odd months have passed. Almost overnight, everything in my life was thrown upside down. From a change in extra-curriculars like recreational hockey, dining out and regular group runs to being off work and in complete isolation. Heading into 2020, I was in the best shape of my life. I had just returned from Singapore having completed the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon at the end of 2019 and followed that up with yet another accomplishment, finishing the Vancouver First Half-Marathon in 1:26:21 registering a new personal best. Wanting to keep the turnaround time short, I was slated to run the Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon in Washington, DC and had slowly been accumulating base miles, getting stronger in the gym and ramping up training, getting ready to break yet another personal best. And just as I was packing up my bags, I got word that the race had been postponed, my hotel cancelled and my flight refunded.

The ensuing 18 months was a major change. A lot of emotions ran through my mind, and life looked very different. This was a difficult time. I'm certain that I was not the only one but my mental state had jumped from boredom to lethargy to actual depression. I'm not proud to say that despite always talking about motivation, I found myself lacking exactly that. I'm not proud to say that over the span of the last year and a half, I slowly let my fitness slip away from me. But as I look back on the past year, I am reminded that the grind is what made me start running. Like any other race, this was an opportunity for me to dig deep and find my way back.

Fast-forward to today, I am registered to run the Royal Victoria Half-Marathon on October 10th 2021 in just over 3 months. Over the next 90 days, I will be practicing the very things I constantly preach to my runners. I will rebuild myself from the ground up and will set a new personal best. In this blog, I will be documenting the process of this transformation from training progress, nutrition, strength and conditioning and update you guys about all the adjustments from day to day.

Height: 5'5 (65 Inches)

Weight: 153.4 LBS

Neck: 14.75 Inches

Bicep/Tricep: 12.25 Inches (Flexed)

Wrist: 6.5 Inches (Dominant LEFT Hand)

Chest: 38.5 Inches

Waist: 34.75 Inches

Abdomen: 34.75 Inches

Hips: 37 Inches

Thigh: 22.75 Inches

Calf: 15.75 Inches

Update 1: Started a cleaner diet today (Berry Smoothie, Spinach and Chicken Penne, Chickpea Platter, Herbal Tea). 12.11KM (5:47 pace). Note: I realized that I may or may not have a slight case of acquired scoliosis...

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