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Extension Reports

Please keep in mind that ICBC is quite strict with the level of details in extension reports so please ensure that all extension reports include:

  • Functional Testing (ie. Patient has shown improvement with lifting ability (previously ground to waist, now can lift ground to chest)

  • Objective Measures (ie. Cervical Rotation to the left = 80% and to right = 75% (compared with 75% and 65% previously). 

  • Self-Report Tolerance (ie. Previously stated they could sit for 1 hour uninterrupted but can now sit for 2.5 hours at a time without symptom onset)


1) How well does the patient feel they are recovering from their injuries since this accident?
Is the patient currently missing? (check all that apply) Select if the patient is absent from either work, or school, that they were participating in prior to the injury:
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